Hello, characters! This is your god speaking.

Call me Meret. I'm just another writer, madly in love with words and everything they can do.
Everything on here is mine, as well as my thoughts and frustrations on all things author-y or writer-ish. (Full disclosure: It's mostly frustrations. Such is the writer life).
I love to read others work, so feel free to ask, and if you have thoughts or critiques on my creations, I'd really truly love to hear it. Keep on creating, and have an awesome day!
(By the way, all the writing I post here is copyrighted, etc.)

Second Chance

Oh please
Don’t walk away
Don’t put down that phone
I’ve got more to say

Don’t leave me alone
With just my mind
Don’t leave me here
With these thoughts of mine

They could eat me up
Or pound me down
If I’m left alone
I just might drown

Just stay here, please
And talk to me
About what, I don’t care
About life, maybe?

Trust me, I know
How unworthy I’ve been
I deserve to be lonely
I know I have sinned

I’ve not been a good friend
And I’ve sometimes done wrong
And I’m scared as hell
You’ll all someday be gone

Don’t turn your back
Keep me company
I’ll be there for you
Just don’t leave me

annantonym asked: I love love looove your work, you're my god. you're welcome! :D

Thanks so much! That’s some high praise right there. Keep writing!

there’s ’s no feeling like when someone genuinely likes your writing
it’s like
that’s mine
I made it
it came from me
from like
the juice of my very soul
and you liked it
that means you like me

Just a flicker
The first breath
Of a beginning
We’ve only shared
A few moments
Laughing as the sun went down
But already
Projected on my eyelids
Blooms a colorful hypothetical

reread my writing from last night and found that I had used the phrase “sloshed sluggishly” twice in one ten-page chapter

"Being a good writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the internet."



There is a love
You see on the screen
In the pages
Printed and planned
It’s what little girls know as love
A love where eyes meet
And it explodes
A sparkling, flawless ideal

And there is a love that is real
A love that doesn’t
Exist within an exclamation point
That was not
Built in a day

A love fortified
With hard times
And gradual change
In you
And in me
Hardened with layers
Of moonlit conversations

A love that has withstood
Me, leaning on you
And you
Depending upon

A love that persists
Beyond each single heartbeat
And it is worth
Every one

A writer’s natural habitat can be identified by the writing utensils stashed everywhere just in case of sudden inspiration.

I know myself to be
A system of nerves
A machine of sinew
And blood
And bone
So why does mere emotion
Thrill through every inch
Of my chemical shell

—by Meret

     This piece just won first place in a poetry competition!

     Am I making this post just so I can brag and boost my fragile artist ego? Quite possibly. 

     Point is, I WON, and any validation regarding my writing feels FANTASTIC.