Hello, characters! This is your god speaking.

Call me Meret. I'm just another writer, madly in love with words and everything they can do.
Everything on here is mine, as well as my thoughts and frustrations on all things author-y or writer-ish. (Full disclosure: It's mostly frustrations. Such is the writer life).
I love to read others work, so feel free to ask, and if you have thoughts or critiques on my creations, I'd really truly love to hear it. Keep on creating, and have an awesome day!
(By the way, all the writing I post here is copyrighted, etc.)

A Grand Identity

We are more
Than who we love
And love is more
Than mere romance

Not vital to our grand identity
Not a measure
Of our worth

Feelings made of pearls and
Lips and roses
Eclipse those built from
Trust and friendship
And family

Passion for
Creation. Admiration
For thought
Even the underrated love of

Existing as an interest
Is not my core
Sure as hell not my headline
Not my last thought of daylight
Or my first dream of the night time
Expanded to a focus point
A central fiber of our existence
Magnified to the life-giving sun
When it’s a mere twinkling star

We are thinkers
We are souls
We are creators of new worlds
I don’t want a hand to hold
I need those free
For great things

And if I fall each night
In solitude
I will know it doesn’t mean
A damn thing because
Am more

rexxarthegr8 asked: Hey! I'm a new blogger. Any wise words of advice. BTW, your poetry had me hooked.

Hi! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.
Ummm my advice is don’t be afraid to try to connect with and talk to other people on the internet who share your interests, because you’ve got a much higher chance of finding kindred spirits among the millions of people on the internet than you do in the couple hundred people you regularly see in person. And there’s nothing better than human connection, even if it is on a screen. I’ve met some amazing writers/people on here.
I’m glad you enjoy my poetry! Have a lovely day.

On The Bus

by Meret

There’s this man on this bus
He’s sitting across from me
He’s got old withered skin
Only one tooth I can see

He’s got dirty old clothes
And holes in his jeans
And his coughs sound like he’s
Ripped at the seams

I don’t know where he’s going
I don’t know where he’s been
Has he got any friends?
Any kindred or kin?

He stares out the window
Like he has new eyes
He reads every billboard
Examines each sign

The bus groans like a beast
And sways like the sea
But it doesn’t shake
The man across from me.

When your characters all of a sudden start thinking for themselves


by Meret

I saw him once
Regarding the stars
Between the arms of the trees
I held his hand
And witnessed
His love for those stars

And now he looks at me
Like I am made of stars
Like I am his own little sun

Oh, I could fall asleep in your arms
With your heartbeat in my thoughts

Leftover heat from the daylight sun
Moving from concrete
And into our skin
Resting there
Under the stars
But I don’t look at the sky
Oh no
Not at the heavens
But at you
Not faultless, my reason knows
But perfect to me
Beyond compare
No, I won’t look at the stars in the sky
For those stars look at their best
As celestial reflections
In your blue eyes

great-books-to-read asked: Hi. Nice to follow you! Do you have any books published?

Hello, it’s nice to be followed.
No, I don’t think any books I’ve written are even CLOSE to being ready for anyone but me, but I hope to eventually share em with the world, either through traditional publishing methods (which would be insanely difficult, I know), through my blog, or through self-publishing electronically. Fingers crossed that it will be public-ready sometime this century, but I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so who knows?
Have a nice day!

redeterminationartist asked: Hey i'd be grateful if you can take some time out and check my new post called "Are you misersble?" Thank you :D

It was my pleasure, and oh my gooooosh, that is a beautiful piece. Its a bit choppy at points, but the powerful imagery brings it all together, and it really touched me, which is the best thing a poem can do.
Keep creating! I look forward to reading more of your work.

Second Chance

Oh please
Don’t walk away
Don’t put down that phone
I’ve got more to say

Don’t leave me alone
With just my mind
Don’t leave me here
With these thoughts of mine

They could eat me up
Or pound me down
If I’m left alone
I just might drown

Just stay here, please
And talk to me
About what, I don’t care
About life, maybe?

Trust me, I know
How unworthy I’ve been
I deserve to be lonely
I know I have sinned

I’ve not been a good friend
And I’ve sometimes done wrong
And I’m scared as hell
You’ll all someday be gone

Don’t turn your back
Keep me company
I’ll be there for you
Just don’t leave me

annantonym asked: I love love looove your work, you're my god. you're welcome! :D

Thanks so much! That’s some high praise right there. Keep writing!

there’s ’s no feeling like when someone genuinely likes your writing
it’s like
that’s mine
I made it
it came from me
from like
the juice of my very soul
and you liked it
that means you like me